We cater for all types of bridge players: novice, intermediate and expert

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Melbourne Cup Party Do Not Miss Out

Tuesday November 1st both venues from 10.00am bridge lunch and the big race.
Book today online or at the club.
We will be having heaps of sweeps and tones of prizes for bridge winners spot prizes and of course best hat prize.
So join in the fun this will be a fantastic day.

Kind regards
Mike Prescott

No Wednesday Lesson

There will be no Wednesday lesson this week with Anita.
We would encourage you to join in the Wednesday 2.00pm
Supervised or Rookie with Liz Wilkinson she is a very experienced teacher,
This will be fun and very enjoyable session.
Kind regards

Spring MP Pairs Play Any Two Of Three

Spring MP Pairs start this Thursday evening at 7.30pm.
You can play any two of the three nights to qualify.
You can play in any single session over the three weeks.
Best two of three scores to count.

East Lindfield Labour Day Congress

East Lindfield Labour Day  CongressEast Lindfield Labour Day CongressWinners Janet Rowlatt & Shirley Lau
East Lindfield Labour Day CongressEast Lindfield Labour Day CongressRunners Up Kay&Pat O'Connor

Labour Day East Lindfield & Club Willoughby Red Points

We have a two session congress at East Lindfield on Labour day Monday 3rd October starting at 9.30am session two at 1.00pm you can play in either session but to be in the running for prize money you need to play both this a RED POINT event.
Club Willoughby will have the normal public holiday 1.00pm game with RED POINTS.

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