We cater for all types of bridge players: novice, intermediate and expert
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Club Manager

Australia’s largest bridge club seeks the services of a Club Manager. North Shore Bridge Club leads the way in bridge technology, and we will expect the successful applicant to continue with innovative ideas to maintain the level of bridge enjoyment for all our members.

2014 GNOT Direct Qualifier: Round 2 Results & Round 3 Draw

Please see the attachment for current results and draw for next round.

Defining a Played Card

There are some misconceptions around defining a card as played. A common one is “declarer can take back a tabled card”. Matthew McManus, one of Australia’s leading directors has written an elegant article for e-congress news on the topic of when is a card played. E-congress news has kindly allowed us to publish that article, which is attached.

Anita Curtis's Lessons on Consolidating your Bridge Knowledge

On Fridays and Saturdays in August, Anita Curtis, one of our popular teachers is conducting five lessons for improving players. The lessons are at 2 pm on Friday afternoon and then repeated on the Saturday morning at 10:15 am.
Covering topics from bidding to declarer play and defense the lessons bring together the elements that bring about sound bridge play.
For details see the attached document.

Results for GNOT Qualifying Event (Tuesday Afternoons)

To view the results for the Tuesday afternoon GNOT qualifying event Click here.

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