We cater for all types of bridge players: novice, intermediate and expert
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David's Insights into Bidding for Experienced Players - Friday July 25 : 2pm

High Card Points are just one way to evaluate a bridge hand.
Join David at this workshop and learn Losing Trick Count –a more accurate approach to bidding.
How to evaluate trick-taking potential of honours in partner’s
suit and the value of short honours.
Friday July 25: 2 pm. Bookings not required. $15 per person.

Anita Curtis's Lessons on Consolidating your Bridge Knowledge

On Fridays and Saturdays in August, Anita Curtis, one of our popular teachers is conducting five lessons for improving players. The lessons are at 2 pm on Friday afternoon and then repeated on the Saturday morning at 10:15 am.
Covering topics from bidding to declarer play and defense the lessons bring together the elements that bring about sound bridge play.
For details see the attached document.

Super Congress Winners

Update: Sunday June 29
Winners of 2 Men & Truck Open Teams
Andrew Peake, Elizabeth Adams, Martin Bloom & Peter Gill

2014 Manly Daily Sydney North Inter-Club Pairs Challenge

The seventh annual Manly Daily Pair Challenge was held on Sunday 15th June. Eight pairs, four in open and four in restricted represented North Shore Bridge Club and managed to bring home the trophy.

Beginner's Courses & Transition Lessons

Our favourite globetrotting teachers are back with new lessons and seminars.
Firstly starting next week is our Introduction to Bridge lessons. This six week course is conducted by Liz Wilkinson and is for people who have not played bridge previously. There are two courses starting: Monday 17th at 2pm and Tuesday 18th at 7:30pm. Tell your friends, for each new person who joins a course you receive a free game voucher.

Anita Curtis is also back and her transition lessons kick off on Wednesday afternoon at 2pm & again in the evening at 7:30pm. This week’s lesson is “Bid and Play No Trump” and then next week is “Supporting partner” $12 per person for members, %$15 for visitors.

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