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Petition received

A petition signed by 50 members was received seeking re-instatement of the percentages on the Bridgemate tabletop devices.
This decision has been reviewed and it was decided to stay with the current situation. To show the percentage on the individual boards is a pretty meaningless figure for the first four rounds, being less that half the number of scores.

Club Christmas Party with a TWIST.

This year our Christmas Party will be held at the East Lindfield venue on Saturday 5th December. Lindfield Bowling Club, 2b Carlyle Road, East Lindfield. There will be NO game at Club Willoughby.
The TWIST involves the following:-

Play NTs with David Beauchamp - a half day seminar for experienced players Sunday 6 December 11am-3pm

Justify your partner's confidence in your declarer play by making your NT contracts. What techniques can you use to time the play and maximise your tricks? How can you improve your chances of success and avoid the danger hand winning the trick at the wrong moment? $30. Bookings essential. Email David: daveanita@bigpond.com


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