December Monthly Winners

The results for the December Monthly Winners competition have now been calculated.

Every session at both Club Willoughby and East Lindfield resulted in a winner for the month of December. This was the last of these monthly competitions for 2018. We will continue with this format in 2019 and will result in an overall winner at the end of the year..

Check out how you went during December:

NSBC Success in the Playoffs!

The Playoffs for the Women's and Seniors Teams has just concluded. The primary purpose of the Playoffs is to select the Australian Women's and Senior Teams to represent Australia in several international events in 2019. Probably surprising to everyone except themselves, the Pitt Team won the Women's final against the Travis Team.

Congratulations to our members HELENE PITT - HELENA DAWSON - GISELLE MUNDELL - AVRIL ZETS - LORNA ICHILCIK - RENA KAPLAN for a great result!