TBIB Stratified Pairs 2019


Stratified Pairs 


This open event is worth CC points for any members in the top 7 outright positions.

The Stratified Pairs is sponsored by TBIB, and played simultaneously at both our East Lindfield and Club Willoughby venues, using the same boards, on all the Saturdays in August.  The first session is on Saturday 3rd August at 1:00pm.  This is a graded event where the sum of the Masterpoints for both players must meet defined criteria. The winners are determined from your 3 best scores added together, so play in just 3 sessions, or in all 5 sessions, and your best 3 scores count. You can also switch between venues.



The 2018 winners were:

Open        Liz Wilkinson & Hymie Osie

<750MPs Judy Osie & David Osie

<500MPs Sandy & Sandra MacGregor

<300MPs Kathryn Stewart & Susan Feeney

<100MPs Janice Heath & Lynne Kerry