Draft 2018 Other events

Draft 2018 Club Event Venue Dates More Information ABF MP
CW - State Mixed Pairs Qual (day) CW 3 x Tuesdays (feb)   <RP>
CW – State Open Pairs Qual (Day) CW     <RP>
CW – GNOT Metro Night Qualifier CW     <Gold>
CW – GNOT Metro Daytime Qualifier CW     <Gold>
CW - State Open Team Qual (Day) CW     <RP>
CW – Blackman Legal – Stratified Pairs CW 4 x Sat in Aug   <RP>
CW – Festival Events CW     <RP>
CW –Bridge for Brains CW     <RP>
CW –Statewide CW     <RP>
CW –Aus wide CW      
CW – AGM & Bridge CW Tuesday, 10 April 2018    
CW – Melbourne Cup CW      
CW – Christmas Party CW      
Creighton Blue Ribbon Championship Pairs (State Open Pairs Night Qual) EL 3x Tuesday Nights () 3x Session Pairs <RP>
Lindfield - State Mixed Pairs Qual EL     <RP>
Lindfield – State Open Pairs Qual EL     <RP>
Lindfield – GNOT Metro Night Qualifier EL 3x Tuesday Nights ()   <Gold>
Lindfield – GNOT Metro Daytime Qualifier EL 3x Wednesdays ()   <Gold>
Lindfield – Swiss Pairs Championship EL 3x Tuesday Nights ()   <RP>
Lindfield - State Open Team Qual EL     <RP>
Lindfield – Blackman Legal – Stratified Pairs EL 4 x Sat in Aug   <RP>
Lindfield – XMAS Teams EL 3 x Dec   <RP>
Lindfield – Swiss Pairs Championship (Day) EL 3 x Feb entry to SP Congress <RP>
Lindfield – Swiss Teams Championship (Day) (State open Team Q) EL   entry to ST Congress <RP>
Lindfield – Festival Events EL     <RP>
Lindfield –Bridge for Brains EL     <RP>
Lindfield –Statewide EL     <RP>
Lindfield –Aus wide EL      
EL – Melbourne Cup EL     <RP>
EL – Christmas Party EL     <RP>