June Newsletter Now Available

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There has been a fantastic response from our members to the BBO events and tournaments that Mike and his team are providing - to make up for the competitions that we have lost at the club.

Many members have also made donations to our funds - to allow us to continue paying some staff who would otherwise have no income. That is fabulous - and much appreciated.

Kevin has again put together a great newsletter so you can keep up with the latest developments - and keep those grey cells active as well! The latest issue has articles on:

  • Weekly Schedule of BBO tournaments
  • A profile on Nick Fahrer - from The Bridge Shop
  • Self alerting on BBO
  • Progress scores on Monthly winners competition and Club Championship
  • A profile on Ian MacLaren - co-editor of this newsletter
  • Bidding and Play challenges from Kevin and Pat
  • Several aricles for our newer players - including new contributor Brad Coles
  • Leads revisited - expert article by Barbara Travis

                          . . . and much more. .

As the clubrooms are currently closed, you will not be able to pick up a printed copy at either of our venues.

Check your emails for the June Newsletter that was sent to you as a PDF attachment in the last day or so, or just click on the link below:

click here - June Newsletter