3 Free Lessons each week

To promote some of our smaller sessions, starting from this week Mike will be giving a free pre-game lesson at all of these sessions every week.

East Lindfield Friday 9.30am before the 10.00am duplicate
Club Willoughby Sunday 12.30pm before the 1.00pm duplicate
Club Willoughby Monday 7.00pm before the 7.30pm duplicate. 

These lessons are suitable for all players rookie and above. Each week we cover something different and you get Mike's notes to take home.

This week we will be looking at Slam Bidding Judgment

1. Duplication
2. Fit evaluation
3. Locating duplication
4. Bidding Five in a Major
5. Basic meaning
6.Alternative follow-ups
7. Asking about trumps
8. Exceptions

Everyone will get a great deal out of these lessons so please join us and stay for the duplicate to follow and try out your new tricks.