RealBridge Sessions

📰 06/12/22 - RealBridge News

Monthly winners are returning in January 2023. Your best 3 results for the same session during the calendar month count, perform well and you will earn additional master points.

Practice sessions for Liz’s, Anita’s and Jess’s lessons

Friday 9th December

  1. RB Fri 10.00am Open
  2. RB Fri 1.30pm Open
  3. RB Fri 1.30pm Restricted

Saturday 10th December – Red Points (December)

  1. RB Sat 1.30pm Open


  • Sunday bridge is on hiatus until the new year.

Monday 12th December

  1. RB Mon 10.00am Open
  2. RB Mon 10.00am Restricted
  3. RB Mon 1.30pm Open
  4. RB Mon 2.00pm Rookie

Tuesday 13th December

  1. RB Tue 10.00am Open
  2. RB Tue 10.00am Supervised
  3. RB Tue 1:30pm Open
  4. RB Tue 2.00pm Rookie
  5. RB Tue 7.00pm Rookie

Wednesday 14th December

  1. RB Wed 10.00am Open
  2. RB Wed 1:30pm Open
  3. RB Wed 2.00pm Rookie
  4. RB Wed 7.00pm Open
  5. RB Wed 7.00pm Supervised

Thursday 15th December

  1. RB Thu 10.00am Open
  2. RB Thu 1.30pm Open
  3. RB Thu 1.30pm Restricted
  4. RB Thu 7.00pm Supervised
  5. RB Thu 7.00pm – Christmas Teams – Week 2

The Testing room is where Gary helps players joining RealBridge for the first time.