RealBridge Sessions

For any general questions or technical assistance with RealBridge, please contact Gary Barwick on 0413-884-805 or

  • Players are required to be seated at the table 10 minutes before the session starts.

Tuesday 9th March

  1. RB Tue 10.00am Open
  2. RB Tue 10:30am Supervised
  3. RB Tue 1:30pm Open
  4. RB Tue 2.00pm Rookie
  5. RB Tue 7.00pm Open
  6. RB Tue 7.00pm Rookie

Wednesday 10th March

  1. RB Wed 10.00am Open
  2. RB Wed 1:30pm Open
  3. RB Wed 2.00pm Rookie
  4. RB Wed 7.00pm Open

Thursday 11th March

  1. RB Thu 10.00am Open
  2. RB Thu 1.30pm Open
  3. RB Thu 1.30pm Restricted ß this includes Rookies.

Friday 12th March

  1. RB Fri 10.00am Open
  2. RB Fri 1.30pm Open
  3. RB Fri 1.30pm Restricted ß this includes Rookies.

Saturday 13th March

  1. RB Sat 1.30pm Open
  2. RB Sat 1.30pm Restricted ß this includes Rookies.

Sunday 14th March

  1. RB Sun 1.30pm Open

Monday 8th March

  1. RB Mon 10.00am Open
  2. RB Mon 1.30pm Open
  3. RB Mon 2.00pm Rookie
  4. RB Mon 7.00pm Supervised

Practice Room for Technical Help & Introduction to RealBridge

This table is used by Gary to introduce new players to RealBridge and also help players having technical problems. 

  1. Practice Room
  2. Learners Room