2017 NSBC Mixed Teams

Congratulations to the winners - the CLARKE Team; Gary Clarke, Sally Clarke, David Fryda, Anita Curtis.

2nd were the JOHANNSSON Team: Axel Johannsson, Arthur Ramer, Tina Zines, Dennis Zines.

3rd the PITT Team: Helene Pitt, Ruth Tobin, David Hudson, Peter Jeffery.

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50's and 60's Rock & Roll

Club Willoughby is having a Rock & Roll Christmas Party on Saturday 9th December - featuring the band Dwayne Elix and the Engineers. Click here  to see their bio!

The Club is offering 2 free tickets to this show and Mike will be doing a random draw from the Bridge Club membership  - to select the winners.

Spring Matchpoint Pairs

Click here to see results for all sessions.

The winners of this event - in which participants used the best scores from two out of the possible 3 nights - were Jim Bean and Tim Mountjoy.

Jim and Tim just beat Linda King and Kim Neale into second place.

Our Women show the Way!

The Spring Nationals have just concluded at Canterbury. Congratulations to the winner of the Women's Teams - the KAPLAN team - made up of four NSBC members - Rena Kaplan, Anita Curtis, Judy Osie and Pauline Evans.

The runners up also featured NSBC members Lorna Ichilcik and Lynn Kalmin, who won the datums as well.

Heroic Performance by Johnno and his team

One of our popular Directors - Johnno Newman - was part of the JACOB team that came first in the Spring National Open Teams event that has just concluded. Some minor part was also played by the other team members Justin Williams, Tom Jacob and Brian Mace.

Not content with this little effort, Johnno will be running his first marathon this Sunday (29th October) to raise money for charity. If you'd like to support or read more, click here: