Melbourne Cup 2018

A fun day was had at both Club Willoughby and East Lindfield venues. Hat parade, lunch, cup sweeps and even some bridge!


                                  Hat Parades at Club Willoughby

Free Friday Lesson - Pre-empts

This week Mike will be giving a great, free lesson for all players at East Lindfield. The topic is "Pre-emptive Bids".

Responding, Opening and counting your tricks - and how many tricks does partner show.

There will be lots of information for players of all levels, so please come along this Friday 9.30am for the 30 minute lesson. Everyone gets notes to take home.

Success at Spring Nationals

Congratulations to NSBC members Craig Mietzke and Denis Kristanda (on the right in photo) who were part of the winning team in the Two-Men-and-a-Truck Restricted Teams event at the Spring Nationals.

The Runners up were all NSBC members: Kit MEYERS - Kerry RYMER - Fiona FAWCETT - Catherine ELSE.