August Newsletter

kevin and kay

The team has produced another great edition of the NSBC Newsletter. It has been restructured to make it more readable!

There are many interesting and instructive articles including:

July Monthly Winners

monthly prizes

The results for the July Monthly Winners competition are now available.

Every session at both Club Willoughby and East Lindfield resulted in a winner for the month of July. Check out how you went

ANC Pairs

ANC Pairs

ANC Pairs is a two-week event held at Club Willoughby while the Australian National Championships are running in Melbourne.

Free Series of Lessons with Mike

As a way of promoting some of our smaller sessions Mike is running a free 30 minute lesson before the duplicate sessions on Fridays at East Lindfield 9.30am, on Sundays at 12.30pm and on Mondays at 7.00pm at Club Willoughby. We really appreciate your support and would love to see you come along.

This week we have three different lessons on each of these three sessions.