June Newsletter

The June Newsletter is full of interesting bridge items, focused on NSBC

* Bridge hand challenges with discussions on bidding and play
* Festival of Bridge - 6 Congress events for all grades of player in June
* Improved Supervised offerings, and the new Beginners classes
* Congratulations to specific club members dong well in the world of bridge
* Monthly competition winners, and profiles of Tony Howes and Ed Barnes

May Monthly Winners

prizes combined

The results for the May Monthly Winners competition have now been calculated.

Every session at both Club Willoughby and East Lindfield resulted in a winner for the month of May. Check out how you went

Defence to 1NT - Friday Lesson

This Friday 9.30am join Mike for his weekly free lesson at East Lindfield and join the fun and friendly duplicate at 10.00am.

This week's lesson is on Defence to One Notrump. Covering:

1.   When to Pass
2.   Double of One Notrump
3.   If an Opponent Runs
4.   Useful Conventions.

No partner no problem - just come along and you will get a game.

Strong Two-Club Bid - Part 2

Mike's Free lesson this week - Friday 9:30am at East Lindfield -  is on the Strong 2 Clubs bid.

This lesson is in two parts - part 1 was last Friday and part 2 is this coming Friday.  Topics to be covered:

1.   Requirements                     2.   The Negative Response     
3.   The Second Negative​         4.
   Positive Responses   
5.   Enemy Interference​

2019 NSW Seniors Team for ANC

The Selection event for the Seniors Team to represent NSW at the Australian National Championships was conducted at the weekend.

The results in the Final were:
1st:   Nicky Strasser - George Bilski
2nd:  Pauline Gumby - Warren Lazer
3rd:   Peter Jeffery - Andrew Markovics

Balancing Bids and Doubles

This week Mike's free lesson on Balancing Bids and Doubles will be in two parts; part 1 this Friday 9.30am East Lindfield and part 2 next week. Everyone gets notes to take home.

Everyone will get something out of this lesson. You can improve your competitive bidding and try out your new tricks in our 10.00am duplicate, a fun and friendly session. No partner no problem just come along.