What's your bid? with Andy Hung.

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Andy is one of Australia's finest players and a frequent member of the Australian Open Team. His partners report he also likes to have a lot of fun at the bridge table and makes everyone laugh with a cheeky bid or comment.
Andy is also an ABF accredited bridge teacher and has been teaching at a wide range of bridge clubs around Australia since 2010.  Andy's "Celebrity Speaker talk" in National Tournaments such as Canberra or the Gold Coast Congress are often packed out with everyone enjoying his teaching style.
Andy will be presenting a 1 day face-to-face workshop for NSBC on June 21. The theme for the day is How Experts Gain an Edge - in Competitive Bidding and Declarer Play.
If you haven't been to one of Andy's lessons before, this is the perfect opportunity. His lessons are always easy to understand, and everyone (ranging from novices to intermediate to advanced) will always have something to take away. His lesson notes are also of a professional quality, so don't miss out on this chance!

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Meanwhile, what would you bid on the following hand as South?



Solution to Bidding Problem


Your bid should be 4S. This deal is from the 2017 Australian Open Playoffs.

Usually with less than game values, you should have five-card support to be jumping straight to 4-Major. Although we only have four-card support, we have the vulnerability on our side (we are not vul. vs. vul opponents), as well as a very distributional hand. Even if partner has a weak hand for the 1S overcall, our side rates to take 9 tricks in spades.

If we rate to take 9 tricks in spades, then we might as well take the push straight to 4S to put on the pressure and force the opponents to guess at such a high level!

Alternatively, you can also make a 2D cue raise, but that won't achieve much when a direct 4S can cause a lot of problems for the opponents!