Mike's Friday Lesson

Join Mike Friday East Lindfield 9.30am for a lesson not to miss.

              Penalty Doubles

Come along Friday and learn some great ideas on all sorts of doubles - when they are for Penalty and when not.

You may turn up on your own without a partner - you will still get a game.


NSBC Club Teams

club teams 1st

The 17th (out of 18) Club Championship event for this year was won by the BLOOM Team:
Nigel ROSENDORFF, Giselle MUNDELL(sub), Martin BLOOM, STEVEN BOCK, Les GREWCOCK (not in photo) 

Lessons with Mike

Friday 9,30am East Lindfiled

Responses to One of A Suit

This is a great lesson. You will be given 12 hands to bid and then we will go through them and help you fine tune your bidding. Everyone will get notes and also get to mark your answers and see how and where you could improve.

Join in the 10.00am duplicate and try out your new tricks. No partner, no problem, just come along you will get a game.