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Welcome to North Shore Bridge Club, the big Club with a small community feel. Whether you have come to us from another State or Country, possibly another Club or one of our Beginner Programmes, we would love you to join our community.

The club was formed in early 2007 through a merger of 3 Sydney clubs: Lindfield, Willoughby, and Cove Bridge clubs. In 2015 we merged with the Gordon Bridge Club running sessions at East Lindfield.  We have been around for a while, this gives us the wisdom on how best to service the bridge community.

The club is an "Incorporated Association" - it is NOT privately owned or run for profit. It is run by a Club Manager, an Online Bridge Manager, and an annually elected honorary committee, which is assisted by sub-committees and volunteer helpers in various capacities. Our committee members are always available for additional information and our fine team of over 20 directors and 5 teachers offers a comprehensive program for all standards of play.

All our sessions are run by professional Directors and Teachers, we are also unique in that we guarantee you a game. So if you do not have a partner - no problem, we will match you up with one or one of our Directors will play with you.

We cater to everyone, whether you are a complete beginner and never picked up a deck of cards, whether you have not played in a while and now have the time, you are a budding Grand Master or you have already achieved those lofty heights.  Here are some of the things we are most proud of:

  • Face to Face beginner lessons with practice sessions and a crew of experienced and caring Teachers and Supervisors to help you.
  • Online self-guided beginner lessons, learn at your own pace, in your own time and when you are ready join our other face-to-face lessons.
  • Supervised session.  At these sessions you will play a very social game, they are aimed at the newer player.  You may ask questions and the Supervisor will assist.  They are very friendly sessions, so nothing to fear!
  • Rookie sessions.  These are for beginner players, dipping their toes into the world of competitive bridge.  These sessions have a fun and friendly vibe about them.  They are for players with less than 100 masterpoints.
  • Restricted Sessions.  For Rookie players progressing into Open, a little stiffer competition, a little stricter on the rules and etiquette and the level is a little harder.  These sessions are reserved for players with less than 300 masterpoints.
  • Open Sessions.  These are really "all-comer" sessions, so there is a real mix of Rookie, Restricted, and Open players.  In these sessions the conventions are little more varied, but a good, friendly fun environment.
  • Competition nights - these are held on a Thursday night and attract a very high standard of players
  • Congresses - We have several Face-to-Face and Online congresses throughout the year.
  • Our Directors - all our Directors are paid professionals and ensure that a good and fair game is had by all.  They are always on hand to help with a query or dispute.
  • Our Club Team - we have a Club Manager, and Online Manager, a Teaching Co-ordinator and other admin staff that ensure all of the above happens smoothly.
  • We have a PrePay system, to which you add funds each month or whenever required.  We let you know when funds are running low, all you have to do is turn up and play, let us know your ABF Number, and the rest magically happens.

We have two membership categories.  Full Membership, this is $70 per annum and includes affiliation to the Australian Bridge Federation and Bridge New South Wales.  Online Membership, which is a special category for those members who live outside the Sydney Metropolitan Area.  This membership costs $45 per annum.  The Online Membership category does not cover any affiliation fees, so you would need to be a member of another Bridge Club in Australia.

Not convinced yet?  Please call either Mike on 0435 528 872 or Sue on 0416 290 867 with any questions you have.