RealBridge Sessions

Practice sessions for Liz’s, Anita’s and Jess’s lessons


Down Under vs Up Over 2023

CLICK HERE TO ENTER – limited positions so be quick to avoid missing out!

Regular session fees apply $13 members & $16 visitors. We will organise entries into three categories strong players, general players, and beginner players. 6PM Start time to accommodate a convenient time for all countries participating.

Monday 29th May

  1. RB Mon 10.00am Open
  2. RB Mon 1.30pm Open
  3. RB Mon 2.00pm Rookie

Tuesday 30th May

  1. RB Tue 10.00am Open
  2. RB Tue 1:30pm Open
  3. RB Tue 2.00pm Rookie
  4. RB Tue 7.00pm OPEN ✨New session ✨
  5. RB Tue 7.00pm Rookie

Wednesday 31st May

  1. RB Wed 10.00am Open
  2. RB Wed 1:30pm Open
  3. RB Wed 2.00pm Rookie
  4. RB Wed 7.00pm Open
  5. RB Wed 7.00pm Rookie

Thursday 1st June

  1. RB Thu 10.00am Open
  2. RB Thu 1.30pm Open
  3. RB Thu 1.30pm Restricted
  4. NSBC GNOT Direct qualifier week 4

Friday 2nd June

  1. RB Fri 10.00am Open
  2. RB Fri 1.30pm Open
  3. RB Fri 1.30pm Restricted

Saturday 3rd June

  1. RB Sat 1.30pm Open

Sunday 4th June

  • Closed on sundays