Delayed AGM in the Covid era

agm 1

The NSBC Annual General Meeting, originally scheduled for April 4, was finally held on Saturday August 15 - delayed due to the restrictions on gathering as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Precautions to protect members were in place - registering and limiting the numbers of attendees, wearing of masks, social distancing - all made for a rather surreal experience. There were around 30 members present in person with a similar number joining in via ZOOM.

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A brief summary of the proceedings will be included in this space in the next few days.

The incoming committee was introduced to all present:


David Fryda - President



David Hudson - Vice President



Les Grewcock - Treasurer



David Hagley - Secretary



Maryann Russett - newest member of the Committee



Elana Kohn - Committee



Graham Murray - Committee