Jan 23 - Monthly Winners

Congratulations to all the Monthly Winners, to qualify you will need to play with the same partner in the same session at least 3 times during the month.

All Monthly Winners, for every month, will be invited to compete in a special Monthly Winners Tournament towards the end of the year.

East Lindfield Monday 10.00 AM Supervised LES OWEN / PATRICK COVENTRY Click here N/A
East Lindfield Monday 1.00 PM Open HELEN STEWART / GWEN CORDINGLEY Click here 1.91
East Lindfield Monday 7.00 PM Supervised LESLIE SILK / PETER KELLY Click here N/A
East Lindfield Tuesday 1.30 PM Rookie BRIAN HUNTER / MAL COLDERICK Click here 0.49
East Lindfield Wednesday 10.00 AM Open LYNETTE BREEZE / CAROLYN GREEN Click here 0.37
East Lindfield Thursday 1.00 PM Open BEVERLEY CALLAWAY / HELEN STEWART Click here 1.50
East Lindfield Thursday 10.00 AM Rookie No Qualifiers    
East Lindfield Saturday 1.00 PM Open KATHRYN STEWART / SUSAN FEENEY Click here 1.22
The Willis Monday 1.30 PM Rookie SUZANNE KLUVER / JOHN LEATHART Click here 0.71
The Willis Tuesday 12.45 PM Open MALCOLM CLIFT / KATHY CLIFT Click here 0.93
The Willis Wednesday 12.45 PM Open PAUL SWINHOE / ANTHONY ASHER Click here 0.49
Online Mon 10.00 am Open ALASDAIR BECK / LORNA ICHILCIK Click here 0.71
Online Mon 10.00 am Restricted No Qualifiers    
Online Mon 1.30 pm Open RONALD SPEISER / ANTHONY BURKE Click here 1.03
Online Mon 2.00 pm Rookie DEBBIE IRWIN / ANNE LANCASTER Click here 1.32
Online Tue 10.00 am Open PETER ROBINSON / DAVID SMEE Click here 0.25
Online Tue 10.00 am Supervised No Qualifiers    
Online Tue 1.30 pm Open ANGELA BOULTON / ALICIA MERCER Click here 1.13
Online Tue 2.00 pm Rookie CHRIS LEWIS / DONALD CHISHOLM Click here 0.71
Online Tue 7.00 pm Rookie AMANDA RIXON / JEN MANESCHI Click here 0.82
Online Wed 10.00 am Open HELENE GREENBLAU / MAUREEN DIAMOND Click here 0.71
Online Wed 1.30 pm Open LYNN KALMIN / JUDY OSIE Click here 0.71
Online Wed 2.00 pm Rookie CHARLES ALGERT / CHRISTINE ROBERTS Click here 0.82
Online Wed 7.00 pm Open MARTIN NELSON/ TOM KISS Click here 0.49
Online Wed 7.00 pm Supervised No Qualifiers    
Online Thu 10.00 am Open No Qualifiers    
Online Thu 1.30 pm Open JOHN MOTTRAM - NEIL PERRY Click here 0.71
Online Thu 1.30 pm Restricted MARGARET REGAN - ANNE MAREE GLEESON Click here 0.49
Online Thu 7.00 pm Supervised CATHERINE HICKS / RONALD HICKS Click here N/A
Online Fri 10.00 am Open DAVID SMEE - DEREK MALTZ Click here 0.49
Online Fri 1.30 pm Open HELEN CHRISTIE / JOHN MOTTRAM Click here 0.13
Online Fri 1.30 pm Restricted BRIAN OSBORNE - MEERA KUDVA Click here 0.6
Online Sat 1.30 pm Open BARBARA ABRAHAM - GIZA FLETCHER Click here 1.5