Two Men & A Truck Restricted Pairs

first restric

The NSBC Festival of Bridge continued on Sunday with the Two Men & A Truck Restricted Pairs.

The prizes were presented by Club Vice-President John McIlrath together with Richard Kuipers - long time sponsor and founder of Two Men and a Truck.


Coming in First in the Restricted Category were Mary Poynten and Clare Ainsworth

mary clare
John, Richard, Mary and Clare


Runner up were Kathryn Stewart and Susan Feeney

kath susan
John, Kathryn, Richard and Susan


Third were Mitch Dowling and Heath Henn

mitch heath
John, Richard, Mitch and Heath


First in the Novice Category were Richard Sheldrake and Paula Nigem

richard paula
John McIlrath, Richard Sheldrake, Richard Kuipers and Paula Nigem


Runner up in the Novice Category were Dale Griffin and Kwi Tan

dale kwi
John, Dale, Richard and Kwi