Monthly Winners for February

Monthly Winners for February

We have now extracted the results from every duplicate pairs session played at East Lindfield, the Willis or Online during February 2023.

If you have played with the same partner for three or more sessions at the particular venue, or Online during the month, you will be counted. Not only will you be recognised in the monthly winners list for the month, but you may also qualify for additional Master Points to those gained for the individual session.

The results for the current month can be reached at any time in the left side-bar of our Home Page, by clicking on the blue "Monthly Winners" button, to the left of the latest News item.

Below are the results for the February 2023 Monthly Winners competition. Each row has the name of the session, the winning partnership for that session, a link "click here" to the detailed results for all partnerships who have played at least three times during the month and the number of Master Points scored by the winning pair.

All Monthly Winners, for every month, will be invited to compete in a special Monthly Winners Tournament towards the end of the year.

East Lindfield Monday 10.00 AM Supervised GINA ROBERTS / LEA GROSSMAN Click here N/A
East Lindfield Monday 1.00 PM Open HELEN STEWART / GWEN CORDINGLEY Click here 1.58
East Lindfield Monday 7.00 PM Supervised    no qualifiers    
East Lindfield Tuesday 1.30 PM Rookie GLENDA WEERDEN / SARAH PAUSEY Click here 0.25
East Lindfield Wednesday 10.00 AM Open PETER TAYLOR / ANNE TAYLOR Click here 0.93
East Lindfield Thursday 1.00 PM Open JAKE LIN / KEVIN WU Click here 1.58
East Lindfield Thursday 10.00 AM Rookie SUE WELCH / JENNY BURCHFIELD  Click here 0.60
East Lindfield Saturday 1.00 PM Open MIKE CLAREY / PENNY CLAREY Click here 1.41
The Willis Monday 1.30 PM Rookie MONICA VILENSKY / ILIA VILENSKY Click here 0.93
The Willis Tuesday 12.45 PM Open BEVERLEY PETERS / CHRISTINE VINSON Click here 0.71
The Willis Wednesday 12.45 PM Open BEVERLEY CALLAWAY / JILL HARRISON Click here 1.03
Online Mon 10.00 am Open DAVID SMEE / ED TRUSCOTT Click here 1.03
Online Mon 1.30 pm Open MICHAEL CARTMELL / NICK FAHRER Click here
Online Mon 2.00 pm Rookie CHARLES ALGERT / CHRISTINE ROBERTS Click here 1.32
Online Tue 10.00 am Open BARBARA MADELEY / MARILYN GRASS Click here 0.25
Online Tue 10.00 am Supervised MICHAEL BECK / MARGARET BECK Click here N/A
Online Tue 1.30 pm Open JULIA CONNOR / JANIE RUSS Click here 0.60
Online Tue 2.00 pm Rookie JAMES MCDONNELL / MEERA KUDVA Click here 0.93
Online Tue 7.00 pm Rookie NEIL EDWARDS / MARINA SHTEYMAN Click here 1.13
Online Wed 10.00 am Open DENISE KAVNAT / JUDY PERL Click here 0.71
Online Wed 1.30 pm Open LORNA ICHILCIK / GEORGE FLEISCHER Click here 0.93
Online Wed 2.00 pm Rookie JANE LOVEDAY / KAREN DOECKE Click here 0.93
Online Wed 7.00 pm Open MARTIN NELSON / TOM KISS Click here 0.82
Online Wed 7.00 pm Supervised      Not enough players    
Online Thu 10.00 am Open JOHN MOTTRAM / JENNY NARUNSKY Click here    0.60
Online Thu 1.30 pm Open MARELLE IRVINE / PETER ROBINSON Click here 0.60
Online Thu 1.30 pm Restricted HAZEL WALSHAW / JAN OSBORN Click here 0.49
Online Thu 7.00 pm Supervised MARILYN REISEN / MAREE WELCH Click here N/A
Online Fri 10.00 am Open ALASDAIR BECK / TOM KISS Click here 0.37
Online Fri 1.30 pm Open LYNN KALMIN / LORNA ICHILCIK Click here 0.49
Online Fri 1.30 pm Restricted BRIAN OSBORNE / MEERA KUDVA Click here 0.71
Online Sat 1.30 pm Open LIZ WILKINSON / PATRICK NEARY Click here 1.13