Club Events 2018

2018 Club Events Ven Dates No. Sess Gallery Final Scores   2018 Event Winners
Canberra MP Pairs CW Jan 3xT Article Results 1st Arthur Ramer & Axel Johannsson
EL Club Championship   23/01/18   Photos Results 1st Leo Goorevich & Kevin Davies
Blue Ribbon Pairs EL 13/02/18 4     2nd David Burton & Bob Lygo
      9T     3rd Terry Dunne & Denis Kristanda
CW Club Championship CW 30/01/18 3   Results 1st = Angie Boulton & Peter Boulton
State Mixed Pairs Qual (CW Daytime)   13/02/18 5T     1st = Kay O'Connor & Pat O'Connor
            3rd Elaine Dignan & Ian MacLaren
NSBC Club Championship CW 25/01/18 2+2 Article Men's Final 1st George Finikiotis & Cevat Emul
MEN'S PAIRS   01/03/18 5TF     2nd Tim Mountjoy & Jim Bean
            3rd Steven Bock & Kevin Davies
NSBC Club Championship CW 25/01/18 2+2 Photos Women's Final 1st Giselle Mundell & Rena Kaplan
WOMEN'S PAIRS   01/03/18 5TF     2nd Margaret Foster & Roslyn Howes
            3rd Jeanette Abrams & Freda Banner
Men's & Women's Pairs Consulation CW 16/02/18 2   Joint Consolation 1st Axel Johannsson & Arthur Ramer
    01/03/18 9TC     2nd Warren Dobes & Witold Chylewski (Jun)
NSBC Club Championship   01/03/18       1st Liz Wilkinson & Patrick Neary
MIXED PAIRS CW 15/03/18 3 Photos Results 2nd Arthur Ramer & Frances Lyons
 (incorporating- State Mixed Pairs evening Qual)     16T     3rd Peter Jeffery & Giselle Mundell
EL CONGRESS           1st Gary & Sally Clarke
SWISS PAIRS EL 18/03/18 2 Photos Results 2nd Jessica Blake & Paul Dalley
      29T Article    3rd Liz Fanos & George Finikiotis
            B Shuliang YANG & Judy Zhu
            C Fiona Fawcett & Kit Meyers
EL Club Championship EL   3 Photos Results 1st Sheena Arora & Bijan Assaee
MIXED PAIRS     5T     2nd Greg Quittner & John Bartop
Incorporating State Mixed Pairs Qual (Nights @ EL)           3rd Lynn Baker & Ian Bailey
EL Club Championship EL 03/04/18 3   Results 1st Bijan Assaee, Sheena Arora, Peter Lipthay, Mark Moscow
GNOT TEAMS   17/04/18 10T     2nd Ian MacLaren, Elaine Dignan, Philip Beeby, Jane Beeby
Incorporating GNOT Metro Final Qualifying Nights @ EL           3rd Tim Mountjoy, Jim Bean, Francis Garrick, Bruce Daglish
NSBC Club Championship CW 29/03/18 4 Article Men Results 1st Bob Sebesfi, Richard Douglas, Bijan Assaee, Wayne Zhu, Yixiang Zhang
Men's TEAMS   19/04/18 8T     2nd Axel Johannsson, Auther Ramer, Julian Abel, Yumin Li
NSBC Club Championship CW 29/03/18 4   Women Results 1st Giselle Mundell, Avril Zets, Lorna Ichilcik, Lynn Kalmin, Rena Kaplan
Women's TEAMS   19/04/18 8T     2nd Linda King, Anetta Curtis, Helene Pitt, Ruth Tobin
Club AGM (11:30am) & Bridge CW 07/04/18 1 Article Results NS Hymie Osie & Liz Wilkinson
      26T     EW Judy Osie & David Osie
Bridge for Brains @ 9:30 EL EL 30/04/18 1   Results NS Veronica Oconnell & Peter Koorey (230th)
      11T     EW Marlaine Gahan & Gwen Cordingley (85th)
Bridge for Brains @ 1:00 EL EL 30/04/18 1   Results NS John Bartrop & Owen Aubrey (265th)
      17T     EW Fiona Lavery & Esther Lee (81)
Bridge for Brains @ 10:00 CW - Open CW 30/04/18 1   Results NS Angie Boulton & Peter Boulton (60th)
      18T     EW Judy Marks & Adam Rutkowsko (425th)
Bridge for Brains @ 10:00 CW - Restricted CW 30/04/18 1   Restricted NS Kerstin Gale & Elizabeth Platt (108)
      18T     EW Marg Betts & Shane Mahoney (734)
EL Club Championship   01/05/18   Article  Results 1st Kevin Davies & Leo Goorevich
SWISS Pairs EL 15/05/18 3     2nd Kit Meyers & Kerry Rymer
      8T     3rd Bruce Edwards & Joyce Edwards
NSBC Club Championship CW 26/04/18 5   Grand Final 1st David Beauchamp, Mike Hughes, Peter Fordham, Maurits Van Der Vlugt, Andre Korenhof
GNOT Direct qualifier   31/05/18   Article    2nd Peter Jeffery, Wayne Zhu, Yumin Li, Yixiang Zhang
Winner to go directly to the ABF Finals @ Tweed Heads         Repechage 1st Bob Sebesfi, David Fryda, Michael Cartmell, Giselle Mundell, Avril Zets
Metro final Teams for Grand Final Runner-up & 2 Top Swiss places           2nd Warren Dobes, Witold Chylewski (Jun), Judy Osie, Les Grewcock
      18T     3rd Margaret Foster, Jeanette Abrams, Jane Beeby, Philip Beeby
CW Club Championship   22/05/18       1st Alicia Mercer & Leo Goorevich
Open PAIRS CW 05/06/18 3   Results 2nd Lyn Smith & Jocelyn Bertram
Includes State Open Pairs Qual (daytime @ CW)     7T     3rd Marlaine Gahan & Peter McAdam
EL Club Championship   12/06/18       1st Alexis Ngan & Bijan Assaee
Open PAIRS EL 26/06/18 3   Results 2nd Bill Webster & Brian Jacobson
Includes State Open Pairs Qual (daytime @ EL)     7T     3rd Lyn Madonald & Robin Mcdonald
EL Club Championship EL 12/06/18 3   Results 1st Colleen Bosci & Sandra Da Silva
Butler Pairs   26/06/18       2nd Jane Beeby & Philip Beeby
      4T     3rd Greg Quittner & Janet Crocker
NSBC Club Championship           1st Wayne Zhu & Yixiang Zhang
ANC SWISS Pairs CW 14/06/18 2  Article Results 2nd Peter Jeffery & Warren Dobes
NSBC paid entry fees to ANC Butler in Tas   21/06/18 15T     3rd Dennis Zines & Les Grewcock
NSBC Bridge Festival (9 Days of Congress Events & Red Point side games)        
“Two Men & A Truck” -Festival Restricted PAIRS EL 23/06/18 2   Results 1st Jenny Barnes & Catherine Else
Restricted - both Pairs are <300MP     10T     2nd Peter Bardos & Garry Pearce
        Article    3rd David Emmerson & Craig Mietzke
“Two Men & A Truck” -Festival Novice PAIRS EL 23/06/18 2   Results 1st Wenjie Liu & Ming Xie
Novice - both Pairs are <100MP     8T     2nd Gail McKenzie & Martin Brown
            3rd Sue Francis & Susy Shapiro
“Two Men & A Truck” – Festival Restricted TEAMS EL 24/06/18 2   Results 1st CRAIG MIETZKE - PHILLIP EDWARDS - PETER BARDOS - DAVID EMMERSON
Restricted – All Team members are <300MP     10T Article   2nd KIT MEYERS - KERRY RYMER - FIONA FAWCETT - FIONA LAVERY
“Two Men & A Truck” – Festival Novice TEAMS EL 24/06/18 2     Best RUSSELL DRAKE - GILES DRAKE - JO AMPHERLAW - KIM DICKINSON
Novice - All Team members are <100MP              
FESTIVAL – Saturday 1pm Open side game (red points) EL 23/06/18 11T   Results   Elfy Suchet & Selwyn Suchet
              Sandra MacGregor & Sandy MacGregor
FESTIVAL – Monday 9:30am Open side game (red points) EL 25/06/18 1   Results NS Mary Sifis & Elizabeth Travers
      11T     EW Peter Erlandsen & Barbara Edwards
FESTIVAL – Monday 1:00pm Open side game (red points) EL 25/06/18 1   Results NS Jocelyn Yonge & Patricia Bond
      16T     EW Malcolm Martin & Robyn Lawrence
FESTIVAL – Tuesday 10:00 Open side game (red points) EL 26/06/18 4T   Results 1st Joan Knox & Maggie Duggan
FESTIVAL – Wednesday 10:00am Open side game (red points) EL 27/06/18 1   Results NS Lorraine Carr & Janine Budgeon
      23T     EW Lynn Holdsworth & Mary Saunders
FESTIVAL – Thursday 1:00pm Open side game (red points) EL 28/06/18 1   Results NS Deirdre James & June Straw
      19T     EW Lois Chambers & Rushi Sheth
FESTIVAL – Friday 10:00am Open side game (red points) EL 29/06/18 1   Results NS Barbara Jackspn & Jann Pammer
      5T     EW Joy Wesslink & Laurence Priddle
FESTIVAL – Saturday 1:00pm Open side game (red points) EL 30/06/18 1   Results NS Sandra Del Silva & Liz McEwen
      14T     EW Carol Gilder & Barbara Wood
FESTIVAL – Saturday 1:00pm Open side game (red points) CW 23/06/18 1   Results NS Janice Harris & Julianne Rocks
      16T     EW Tony Howes & Roslyn Howes
FESTIVAL – Sunday 1:30pm Open side game (red points) CW 24/06/18 4T   Results 1st Helen Lowery & Liz Quittner
FESTIVAL – Monday 10am Open side game (red points) CW 25/06/18 1   Results NS Ian Bailey & Allan Pike
      18T     EW Helen Christie & Julia Connor
FESTIVAL – Monday 10am Restricted side game (red points) CW 25/06/18 1   Restricted NS George Weber & John Hayes
      11T     EW Barbara Dawson & Jeetha Withana
FESTIVAL – Monday 7:30pm Open side game (red points) CW 25/06/18 1   Results NS Mike Murphy & Warren King
      5T     EW Drew Vaughan & Malcolm Borland
FESTIVAL – Tuesday 1:00pm Open side game (red points) CW 26/06/18 1   Results NS Christine Vinson & Bev Peters
      13T     EW Alicia Mercer & Leo Goorevich
FESTIVAL – Tuesday 7:30 pm Open side game (red points) CW 26/06/18 1   Results NS Robin Devries & Peter Marshall
      10T     EW Peter Bendlestein & Peter Lipthay
FESTIVAL – Wednesday Open side game (red points) CW 27/06/18 1   Results NS Elli Urback & Judy Osie
      14T     EW Alicia Mercer & Julia Conner
FESTIVAL – Wednesday Restricted side game (red points) CW 27/06/18 1   Restricted NS Glenys Nice & Catherine Versi
      9T     EW Sheila Goodman & Anne Stone
FESTIVAL – Thursday 10:00am Open side game (red points) CW 28/06/18 1   Results 1st Shirley Smith & Judy Bardone
      8T     2nd Mary Blumgart & Ettie Hope
FESTIVAL – Friday 10:00am Open side game (red points) CW 29/06/18 1   Results NS Clare Goodyear & Betty Priestly
      8T     EW Neil Perry & Brian Soutter
FESTIVAL – Friday 10:00am Restricted side game (red points) CW 29/06/18 1   Results NS Shirley Gatliff & Joan Colley
      13T     EW Lesley Collins & Pam Ranney
FESTIVAL – Saturday 1pm Open side game (red points) CW 30/06/18 1   Results NS Barbara Hunter & Edith Sheldon
      9T     EW Carol Shennan & Eve Whitby
FESTIVAL – Sunday 1:30pm Open side game (red points) CW 31/6/18 1   Results NS Alison McEncroe & Denos McEncroe
      5T     EW Ian Hoschke & Eva Bitel
Festival Open MP PAIRS CW 28/06/18 2 Photos  Results 1st Peter Jeffery & Yumin Li
      18T     2nd Shane Harrison & Kevin Rosenberg
Festival Women's MP PAIRS CW 28/06/18 2     1st Helene Pitt & Gisele Mundell
            2nd Betty Priestly & Judy Twigg
Festival Senior's MP PAIRS CW 28/06/18 2     1st Kevin Davies & Leo Goorevich
            2nd Jenifier Rothwell & George Bilski
NSBC Festival SWISS TEAMS CW 29/06/18 2 Photos  Results 1st Richard DOUGLAS, David WESTON, David FRYDA, Michael CARTMELL
      33T     2nd Ranjit LIMAYE, Paul DALLEY, Wayne ZHU, Yumin LI
            3rd Sue INGHAM, Shane HARRISON, Jeanette REITZER, Terry BROWN
Best Restrictive/Novice Team - All team members are <300MP           Best Kit MEYERS, Kerry RYMER, Peter DUN, Carlyn DUN
“Watermark” Festival SWISS PAIRS CW 30/06/18 2   Results NS 1st Peter Jeffery & Julian Abel
      40T Photos   2nd Cevat Emul & Catherine Zhang
Separate NS & EW Fields           3rd John McIlarth & Julianne Rocks
Best Intermediate Pair           Best Robert Wang & Shijun Tain
          Results EW 1st Judy Mott & Cathryn Herden
            2nd Ian Lisle & Vicky Lisle
            3rd Vanessa Brown & Will Jenner-O'shea
Best Intermediate Pair           Best Mark Guthrie & Julie Guthrie
“TBIB” Festival SWISS TEAMS CW 01/07/18 1     1st Warren Dobes, Witold Chylewski, John Scotford, Judy Osie
      43T Photos Results 2nd Jessika Brake, Shane Harrison, Kevin ROSENBERG, Stephen WILLIAMS
            3rd Paul WEAVER, Terry Bodycote, Cevat Emul, Catherine Zhang
Best intermediate Team           Best Margret Owen, Sunny Pang, Julie Guthrie, Mark Guthrie
Sydney North Interclub Pairs Challenge Pen 15/07/18 2   Winner   Peninsula wins the 2018 interclub pairs!
Open     29T   Red Results 1st FIONA BALLARD - IAN PLUMMER (NSBC)
Restricted         Blue Results 1st CASSANDRA MITCHELL - CLARE FILMER RAMSAY (Pen)
          9T 2nd PETER CLARKE - JIM ROTHWELL (Pen)
Novice         Green Results 1st HEATH HENN - RICHARD LINDSAY (SBC)
@ Peninsula Bridge Club         10T 2nd SUSAN JENSEN - MAGGIE GIBBS (Pen)
CW Club Championship CW 03/07/18 3     1st Brian Assaee, Dominic Kwok, Elane Dignan, Ian MacLaren
STATE TEAMS     6T Photos Results 2nd Marlaine Gahan, Peter McAdam, Frances Garrick, Bruce Daglish
Includes State OPEN Teams Qual (Daytime)           3rd Jane Russ, Julia Connor, Kyoko Luiker, Trica Matheson
NSBC Club Championship   05/07/18     Leading Qual NS Helene Pitt & Ruth Tobin
“Morgan” CLUB PAIRS CW 26/07/18 2+2     EW Liz Fanos & George Finikiotis
            1st Peter Jeffery & Les Grewcock
        Photos Finals 2nd Kevin Davies & Steven Bock
      17T Article 7T 3rd Julianne Rocks & Judy Marks
      2   Consolation 1st Vanessa Brown & William Jenner-O'Shea
Note: Club Members Only         10T 2nd Michael Cartmell & David Fryda
            3rd Warren Dobes & Yumin Li
NSBC Club Championship   02/08/18       1st Author Ramer Axle Johannsson, P Jeffery, Julian Abel
BAM TEAMS CW 09/08/18 2 Photos Results 2nd Judy Osie, Withold Chylewski (jun), Giselle Mundell, Avril Zets
      10T     3rd Waren Dobes, Helena Dawson, Bing Chen, Wayne Zhu
NSBC Club Championship   Saturdays          
“TBIB” Stratified PAIRS CW 04/08/18 4   <750 MP 1st  Hymie Osie & Liz Wilkinson
  & 25/08/18       2nd Sandra Da Silva & Liz McEwen
category = Avr of Pairs Master points EL       500-750 MP 1st Judy Osie & David Osie
      34T     2nd Jillian Hagley & June Straw
      40T Results 300-500 MP 1st  Sandy & Sandra MacGregor
      34T Session Winners   2nd Pat Black & Lesley Giles
Cumulative scores across Saturdays played at both @ CW & EL     35T Photos 100-300 MP 1st Kathryn Stewart & Susan Feeney
            2nd Michelle Levy & Yvonne Rawack
          <100 MP 1st  Janice Heath & Lynne Kerry
            2nd Pierre Tennant & Kay Tennant
EL CONGRESS           1st Liam Milne, James Coutts, Susan Humphries, Jessica Brake
SWISS TEAMS EL 26/08/18 2 Photos   2nd Warren Dobes, Les Grewcock, Withold Chyylewski (Jun), Marek Kolodziejczyk
      32T   Results 3rd Pauline Gumby, Warren Lazer , Sophie Ashton , Sartaj Hans
Best Restricted (<300MP) Team           Best Neil Williams Rob Holgate, Carolyn Greenwich, Gale Spalvins
CW Club Championship   21/08/18       1st Alicia Mercer, Prue Siemsgluess, Leo Goorevich, Colin Thomas
GNOT Day time TEAMS   04/09/18 8T     2nd Toni Sharp, Francis Lyons, Kay O'Connor, Pat O'Connor
Includes GNOT Metro Qual (daytime @ CW) CW   3   Final Scores 3rd Lorraine Schaap, John Mottram, John Jongkind, Ian Lincoln
NSBC Club Championship   23/08/18     Grand final 1  Andre Korenhof, Maurits Van Der Vlugt, Mike Hughes, Matthew Thompson, David Beauchamp, Carola Hoogervorst (Sub)
“Watermark” Club TEAMS CW 20/09/18 5 Photos   2 Julian Abel, Gary Lane, David Smee, Alexis Ngan, Ed Truscott (sub)
        Results   3 Lynn Kalmin, Lorna Ichilcik, David Weston, Helena Dawson, Lester Kalmin (Sub)
            4 Gary & Sally Clarke, Linda King, Kim Neale, David Hudson, Anita Curtis
      20T   Consolation 1st Jane Beeby, Philip Beeby, Michael Wilkinson, Ian Lisle, Vicky Lisle
            2nd Giselle Mundell, Avril Zets, William Zhang, Yumin Li
Note: Club Members Only           3rd Warren Dobes, Les Grewcock, Judy Osie, Withold Chylewski (Jun)
          Winners NS 1st Witold Chylewski & Marek Kolodziejczyk
EL CONGRESS – Labour Day MP PAIRS EL 01/10/18 2 Photos   2nd Cevat Emul & Catherine Zhang
        Results   3rd Rakesh Kumar & Kevin Davies
          Winners EW 1st Kim Morrison & Fraser Rew
            2nd Warren Dobes & Les Grewcock
            3rd Lavy Libman & Tomer Libman
          Best Restricted NS John Bartrop & Owen Aubrey
            EW Susan Feeney & Kathryn Stewart
NSBC Club Championship   27/09/18       1st Judy Osie, Withold Chylewski, Gisselle Mundell, Avril Zets, Lorna Ichilcik (Sub)
Hybrid TEAMS CW 11/10/18 3 Photos Results 2nd Warren Dobes, Les Grewcock, Steven Bock, Kevin Davies
            3rd David Smee, Julian Abel, Alexis Ngan, Patrick Neary
Spring MP PAIRS CW 18/10/18 3   Results 1st  
    01/11/18       2nd  
Open CW 06/11/18 1     NS  
Melbourne CUP         Results EW  
Restricted CW 06/11/18 1     NS  
        Photos Results EW  
Open EL 06/11/18 1     NS  
NSBC Club Championship   08/11/18       1st  
35th MIXED TEAMS Championship CW 29/11/18 4     2nd  
EL CONGRESS       Photos Results    
Under Hundred Master Points         A <100MP 1st  
All players must be <100MP EL 02/12/18 2   B <50MP 1st  
          C <25MP 1st  
          D <10MP 1st  
  CW 08/12/18 1     NS  
NSBC XMAS Parties           EW  
  EL 08/12/18 1   Results NS  
NSBC Club Championship   06/12/18       1st  
XMAS TEAMS CW 20/12/18 3   Results 2nd  
CW Club Championship   04/12/18       1st  
XMAS TEAMS (day time) CW 18/12/18 3     2nd  
EL Club Championship   04/12/18       1st  
XMAS Pairs EL 18/12/18 3     2nd