GNOT Direct Qualifier 2023 - Sessions

NSBC Grand National Open Teams Direct Qualifier 2023 - Final Week

This final week of the event. Thank you all for participating in this challenging event. Best of luck to the teams in contention from for the top prize of Direct Qualifying entry into the National Final later this year, and also for the two runner up prizes for the Sydney Metropolitan Finals entries. This is the last 3 x 10 board matches of the event. At the end of this tonights session every team will have played every other team. IMP/VP Scoring, please use the results on RealBridge as an indication, the final results are posted on NSBC website.

7.00PM Start please login 10 minutes early.

Player and Kibitzer links for week 5

Please click on the Player Session Link below and take a seat at your table.

Kibitzing is on a 20 minute delay.

Draw for week 5

TeamRound 13Round 14Round 15

Teams & Members

Team Members
ABRAMSJeanette Abrams - Margaret Gidley-Baird - Tim Mountjoy - Patricia Lacey
HOUSEHugh Grosvenor - Tanya LLoyd - Dagmar Neumann - Maurits van der Vlugt
DOBESWarren Dobes - Witold Chylewski - Steven Bock - Les Grewcock
ROCKSJulianne Rocks - Frances Lyons - Helen Milward - Gary Barwick
ICHILCIKLorna Ichilcik - judith mott - Mathew Vadas - George Fleischer
SCAMPColin Clifford - Heath Henn - Nick Hughes - Nicoleta Giura
FOSTERMargaret Foster - Robbie Feyder - Sybil Hurwitz - Monica Ginsberg - Helen Lowry
ZINESLeo Goorevich - George Finikiotis - Tina Zines - Dennis Zines
JEFFERYPeter Jeffery - Yumin Li - Giselle Mundell - Andrew Peake
BUDAIFerenc Budai - Andrew Sebestyen - Lee Dreyer - Frank Dreyer - Dominic Kwok - Sunny Pang
CLARKEAnita Curtis - Ruth Tobin - Linda King - Kim Neale - Garry Clarke - Sally Clarke
BUTTSJoan Butts - Michael Courtney - Liz Adams - Tony Nunn - Peter Gill - Elisabeth Sylvester
BEEBYJane Beeby - Philip Beeby - Linda Aubusson - Patrick Neary
LIHui Li - Patrick Jiang - Kelsey Chen - Sherlock Shao
SCHONStuart Schon - John Gurewitz - Alex Kemeny - Alessandro Gado
NEILLBruce Neill - David Weston - Pauline Gumby - Warren Lazer

Player Substitutes

All player subsitutitions, even last minute ones, must be approved by the tournament committee. Please make your best effort to subsitute a player of comparable standard. Players deemed by the tournament commitee to not be of comparable standard may result in score adjustments. Take a moment to think ahead of players you could consider in the case of needing a subsitute.


Please ensure your devices are charged and interenet is working ok. If you have a wireless hotspot as backup internet please check that is also working. If possible have a backup device ready. You can test your cameras and micophones below. If you need a reminder on features of the RealBridge platform check the player guide link below.

RealBridge Camera and Microphone Test

RealBridge Player Guide

If you need any technical help or further information please contact Gary Barwick via email or on 0413 884 805.