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Broaden your Game

The “Broaden Your Game” program advances the concepts and ideas learned at the: "Develop Your Skills" level, and participants will typically aspire to play in the Open game.

Lessons are normally held online on Thursday mornings at 9:30am.  Join "live" on Zoom or watch the recording at your leisure.  To book or order a recording, click here to email Anita.

Lessons cost Visitors $20 | Members $17 per lesson.  Visitors can pay for lessons by clicking here.

To see the current schedule of lessons - please see below:

CourseDaysTimeVenueFind out more
Broaden your GameThursdays9:30 amOnlineEmail Anita
 - Gentle Hand Analysis 11

21st Mar

9:30 amOnlineClick to Book
 - Bidding judgement & the Losing Trick Count

28th Mar

9:30 amOnlineClick to Book
- Gentle Hand Analysis 12

11th Apr

9:30 amOnline

Click to Book

 - Signals 1. Attitude

18th Apr

9:30 amOnlineClick to Book
 - Reverses and Jump Shifts

25th Apr

9:30 amOnlineClick to Book

A typical list of topics is below, these can be varied. 

1Bidding Judgement & the Losing Trick Count11Balancing & Re-opening Doubles: an essential part of competitive bidding
2Fourth Suit Forcing part 1 – when & how to use 4SF12Overcalling with 2 suiters – bidding only
3Minor matters: when should you go to game in a minor? When is 3nt better? What about stopping in 3 of a minor or going to slam in a minor? 13Cue Raises – one of the most important conventions in competitive auctions so that you can differentiate between an invitational hand and a competitive raise
4So you think you know Standard? (Problems inherent in Standard and possible solutions)14Step up: showing 2 suiters over their 1NT
5Develop the auction with a misfit – bidding only15Meet the double response challenge (responding to partner’s double at all levels)
6Communication 1 (opener & responder): 2nd & 3rd round negotiations16How do I get this contract down? Defence for the aspiring intermediate player
7Communication 2 (overcaller & advancer): the other side of the coin17Covering honours in defence
8Power Doubles – how to show a good hand – bidding only18Defence Myths & Truths - 2nd hand plays low in defence; 3rd hand high? Not necessarily!
9Negative Doubles – an essential part of your competitive bidding repertoire– bidding only19Plan the Defence
10Make the pressure bid – competitive bidding at its best!20Active/Passive defence

Also, defence series (1) of 4 lessons for aspiring intermediate players.  Intermediate Attitude signals; Intermediate Suit Preference signals; Intermediate Count signals; Putting all signals together.