Building your basic skills

New players start with the 6-week “Introduction to Bridge” which is designed to teach participants the mechanics of playing Bridge, as well as give them an understanding of basic bidding and play.

Bridge Basics

These lessons follow the 6-week "Introduction to Bridge" course.  They expand on the basic ideas already learned, introduce some new ideas, and focus more on card playing skills. Each week there is a practice session that supports the lesson. Topics & schedule may be altered if the group progresses quicker than planned.

The Bridge Basics course is available face-to-face at East Lindfield and will be advertised below.

Below is our timetable for Bridge Basics Lessons that are scheduled for 2024. 

CourseDaysTimeVenueFind out more
Bridge Basics - Face-to-FaceWednesdays9:30 amThe WillisRequest Information
Responding to partner's opening of 1NT26th June9:30amThe WillisRequest Information
How to count your tricks and develop your playing skills 3rd July9:30amThe WillisRequest Information
Finding a fit in a Major suit, and focus on Responder10th July9:30amThe WillisRequest Information
No lesson17th July   
Developing a long suit for extra tricks and planning the play in a No Trump contract24th July9:30amThe WillisRequest Information
Overcalling and the Takeout Double 31st July9:30amThe WillisRequest Information
Counting losers, playing and defending a suit contract 7th Aug9:30amThe WillisRequest Information
Play in your Major when you have a fit, more bidding when partner opens 1NT14th Aug9:30amThe WillisRequest Information
Making the best of your high cards, the fine art of Finessing 21st Aug9:30amThe WillisRequest Information
Being Competitive, getting into the bidding after an opponent has opened 28th Aug9:30amThe WillisRequest Information
Defending well, the hardest part of the game.4th Sep9:30amThe WillisRequest Information

With this beginner program complete, ideally, players now spend some time playing Supervised Bridge and consolidating what they have learned so far. When they are ready, their next set of lessons is “The 5 Essentials”. 

The Five Essential Conventions

This is an ideal course for Bridge players who are returning to the game after a long break or those that have completed the beginner program and have been playing Supervised Bridge and consolidating what they have learned. When they are ready, their next set of lessons is “The Five Essentials”.  By the end of “The Five Essentials”, most players have moved up to play in the Rookie game.  The course is outlined below:

Five Essential ConventionsTuesdays10:00 amEast LindfieldRequest Information
StaymanJuly 210:00 amEast LindfieldRequest Information
TransfersJuly 910:00 amEast LindfieldRequest Information

July 16

Strong 2 ClubsJuly 2310:00 amEast LindfieldRequest Information
BlackwoodJuly 3010:00 amEast LindfieldRequest Information
Pre-emptsAugust 610:00 amEast LindfieldRequest Information


And for my next trick

The aim of the course is to establish a solid grounding in Declarer Play - creating a smart plan of attack, establishing your suits, knowing how to use your trumps for best effect and creating extra tricks. This is aimed at Supervised and Rookie players.

And For My Next TrickSundays10:00 amEast LindfieldRequest Information
It's not magic: Know where your tricks come fromTBA10:00 amEast LindfieldRequest Information
Aces Kings Quacks: Make the most of your High CardsTBA10:00 amEast LindfieldRequest Information
A bag of tricks: Turn your loing suits into tricksTBA10:00 amEast LindfieldRequest Information
Tricks of the Trade: Use the power of trumping for extra tricksTBA10:00 amEast LindfieldRequest Information