Fixed Income Solutions

Fixed Income Solutions provides premium fixed income services to a range of wholesale clients. With a strong focus on credit and relative value, we target investment-grade bonds to generate truly diversified and liquid portfolios. Our high turnover, large volumes and low margins ensure our clients enjoy the best price execution in the market.

Our group’s market leading technology provides a highly efficient trade execution and reporting platform, enabling us to deliver a low cost service with no custody fees.

It is the combination of local knowledge partnered with the global strength and reach that differentiates us from our competitors.

We have a strong credit and relative value focus and target predominately investment grade bonds to produce truly diversified and liquid investment portfolios. We cover the whole spectrum of fixed income, including listed hybrids.

At our core we are ‘market agnostic’, meaning that we don’t have a preference for the listed or OTC market. Rather we scour all markets to find the best risk/return and liquidity characteristics. But regardless of whether it’s listed or unlisted, bond or hybrid, investment grade or high yield, we promise we’ll be impartial and go where we see value for our clients.

Fixed Income Solutions

Fixed Income SolutionsFiced Income Solutions

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