RealBridge Special Events

Down Under vs Up Over - A Fun New Bridge Battle

Following the wonderful success of Bridge Across The Ditch we are delighted to bring you an event of EPIC proportions. Players from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are forming a super team from Down Under to have a friendly battle with the super team from Up Over comprising of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Two sessions (you can play in either or both sessions) of Matchpoint Pairs with 10 rounds of 2 boards each session.

Session Categories & Times

This event is has something for all bridge players from Rookie, Restricted and Open (sorry not for supervised there will be more events to play in later once you break into Rookie). You can play in one session or both - we hope you can play both!. You do not need to play with the same person if you are playing both. We are somewhat timezone challenged with an event of this type. Session times are 7am & 7pm to ensure all regions can come together and play.

Register Your Pair(s) Here

Vistors are welcome. Regular session fees apply. Members will be charged to their PP account. Members can also pay for a guest. Please email me to let me know. (πŸ“§ Visitor payment details will appear soon.