TBIB Stratified Pairs

The Stratified Pairs event was sponsored by TBIB, and played simultaneously at both our East Lindfield and Club Willoughby venues, using the same boards, on all the Saturdays in August.  
This was a graded event where the sum of the Masterpoints for both players had to meet defined criteria. The winners were determined from their three best scores. The final results were:

Category A 

750 MP and above        

Pieter Kliffen & Marjorie Thomas

Category B

500 MP to 750         

Kay Moyes & Marlaine Gahan

Category C         

300 MP to 500

 Maurice Loomes & Rachael Loomes 

Category D       

100 MP to 300

David Hagley & Bruce Edwards
(also outright winners)

Category E 

Less than 100 MP      

Kathryn Stewart & Susan Feeney


Session 1

N/S Judy Osie & David Osie

E/W David Hagley & Bruce Edwards

Session 2

N/S Judy Osie & David Osie

E/W David Hagley & Deirdre James

Session 3

N/S Mischa Solar & Alice Balog

E/W Lesley Giles & Pat Black

Session 4

N/S Julianne Rocks
            & Janice Harris

E/W Kathryn Stewart & Susan Feeney

Session 5

N/S John Mottram & De Mitty

E/W Michael Clarey & Penny Clarey.

Outright Results

All the category winners have won a cash prize. 
All the session winners have won a bottle of wine. 
All winners should collect their prizes from the club.

The first 7 places in the outright results have also scored Championship Points.