Monthly Winners for May

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We have now extracted the results from every duplicate pairs session played at East Lindfield, The Willis or Online during April 2024.  Thursday night Championship events and Congresses are not included. 

If you have played with the same partner for three or more sessions at the particular venue or Online) during the month, you will be counted. Not only will you be recognised in the monthly winners list for the month, but you may also qualify for additional Master Points to those gained for the individual sessions.

All Winners will be presented with a Certificate of Achievement, so make sure you look for it in your (Actual) Mail - or are present at the relevant venue, at the relevant session for an in-person presentation on the first week of the following month.

Monthly winners certificate


The results for the current month can be seen at any time in the main menu under "Results". Click on the second last blue submenu item "Monthly Winners" for the table of winners.

Below are the results for the May 2024 Monthly Winners competition. 

All Monthly Winners, for every month in the Calendar year, will be invited to compete in a special Monthly Winners Tournament early in 2025.


East Lindfield Monday 10.00 AM SupervisedENID MCGUIGAN / MARGARET KINGClick hereN/A
East Lindfield Monday 1.00 PM OpenFIONA RUSSELL / SUE MORGANClick here1.91
East Lindfield Monday  7.00 PM  SupervisedJUDITH LADE / MARION BLOMFIELDClick hereN/A
East Lindfield Tuesday 1.30 PM RookieRON TAYLOR / SUBH GURSAHANI Click here1.22
East Lindfield Wednesday 10.00 AM OpenSTEPHEN SHARP / JANET CROCKERClick here0.49
East Lindfield Thursday 10.00 AM RookieJENNY BURCHFIELD / MARIE WESTGARTHClick here1.03
East Lindfield Thursday 1.00 PM OpenJAKE LIN / KEVIN WU Click here2.08
East Lindfield Saturday 1.00 PM OpenKATHRYN STEWART / SUSAN FEENEYClick here1.13

 The Willis Monday 1.15 PM Rookie

The Willis Tuesday 12.30 PM OpenGRAHAM MCMAHON / YU-SHIUN CHENClick here0.49

 The Willis Wednesday 12.30 PM Open

Online Mon 10.00 am OpenMARGARET FOSTER / ROBBIE FEYDERClick here0.82
Online Mon 1.30 pm OpenPHILIP JAFFE / KEITH WALKERClick here0.71
Online Mon 2.00 pm RookieDENISE REILLY / DAVID BOYLEClick here1.22
Online Tue 1.30 pm OpenPETER JEFFERY / LES GREWCOCKClick here1.22
Online Tue 2.00 pm RookieCATH AHERN / ALAN KAYEClick here0.60
Online Tue 7.00 pm RestrictedPETER MESSINESI / MEERA KUDVAClick here0.71
Online Wed 10.00 am OpenFRAN CAMPBELL / ESTHER LEEClick here0.25
Online Wed 1.30 pm OpenJOHN SCOTFORD / LIZ WILKINSONClick here1.13
Online Wed 2.00 pm RookieHELVE BEALE / IAN NEWTONClick here0.84
Online Wed 7.00 pm OpenMARTIN NELSON / TOM KISSClick here0.71
Online Thu 10.00 am Open MiniFRAN CAMPBELL / MARINA SHTEYMANClick here0.25
Online Thu 1.30 pm OpenJUDY OSIE / RENA KAPLANClick here1.13
Online Thu 1.30 pm RestrictedIAN NEWTON / LINDA CUNNINGHAMClick here0.82
Online Fri 1.30 pm OpenTOM KISS / ALASDAIR BECKClick here1.13
Online Sat 1.30 pm OpenPAT NEARY / LIZ WILKINSON

Click here

Online Sat 1.30 pm RookieNONI GLEW / JUDITH CHAPPLEClick here0.30