Club Champion Determination Rules

  • The NSBC Club champion must be a financial member of NSBC
  • Financial Members are allowed to gain points playing with Non Members in relevant events.
  • The Member must be a Financial Member at the time of a qualifying event to score Club Championship (CC) points in that event.
  • Points awarded for each event are 1st=10, 2nd=7, 3rd=5, 4th=4, 5th=3, 6th=2, 7th=1.
  • Tied positions get the average of the tied position scores: i.e.  3 x equal 2nd  scores (7+5+4)/3 = 6 points each.  Rounded Up.
  • Five Events (GNOT, Morgans Swiss Pairs, Club Teams, Festival Sunday TBIB Swiss Teams and Falls Mixed Teams) score double points  i.e. 1st=20, 14, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2
  • For both Pairs and Teams events, each pair/team member in a winning position scores full CC points, irrespective of number of sessions played. Substitutes are considered to be members of the unit if they play at least 50% of the sessions, in which case they also earn full CC points. Otherwise substitutes score zero CC points. A substitute can only score points from one Pair/Team (highest CC score).
  • The Monthly Winners Tournament (top 7 positions score 10,,,,,1 CC points) will be considered one event for the purposes of calculating the Club Champion.
  • Small events: No more than 50% of field can score any points.
  • The updated CC Scores Spreadsheet will be made available on the NSBC website.
  • The NSBC Manager's decision on any CC Scoring issues / appeals is final.


Final End-of-year  (Tied Result) Count back rules:

1. All  1x ranked events are removed - Higher score now wins.

2. If this does not decide the result: Joint Club Champions are announced.