NSBC Wins Interclub!


Our Club won the annual Margaret Smale Sydney North Interclub Teams
on the weekend. This was the first victory for our club in this competition since 2015.

Teams from NSBC took first place in all the divisions and all teams contributed to the overall final result.

Congratulations to all players who took part:


Club Willoyghby  


TEAM 1 Ian MacLaren
  Elaine Dignan
  Julie Guthrie
  Mark Guthie
TEAM 2 Helen Lowry
  Julianne Rocks
  Misha Solar
  Frances Lyons
TEAM 3 Maria Remedios
  Anne Symons
  Lois Chambers
  Pamela Potter
TEAM 4 Diana Neale
  Peter Whitford
  John Pick
  Alison Pick
TEAM 5 Jann Cathels
  Narelle Clark
  Susan Feeney
  Kathryn Stewart
TEAM 6 Robyn Rogers
  Michael Bishop
  Sarah Seldon
  Denzil Seldon
TEAM 7 Jo Ampherlaw
  Brian Emanuel
  Jamileh Mirzadeh
  Mary Carter
TEAM 8 Pat McVean
  Anne O'Donnell
  Alex Conway
  Susie Junankar
East Lindfield  
TEAM 1 Paulina Martin
  Ming Li
  Wenjie Liu
  Ming Xie


Full Results  -  click here