Update Advice re Coronavirus

As you will all be aware the coronavirus, covid-19, continues to spread causing great anxiety in the community.  At NSBC, we are very conscious that with our demographic we need to be especially vigilant to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.

To that end, we would ask: 

  • all members who have travelled overseas do not attend the Club for a period of 14 days; The only place excluded at this stage is New Zealand but this could change.
  • Anyone experiencing covid-19 symptoms (fever, flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat and fatigue or shortness of breath) should not attend the Club until they have recovered;
  • members need to be vigilant about washing their hands and using sanitiser to minimise the risk of spreading the virus. We have been able to purchase a bulk order of sanitiser so please use it freely at the club.

At this stage we have put a stop to using or hiring cups and have put back disposable cups till we see the end of this virus.

We still encourage all members to bring your own water bottles and coffee cups but if you forget please use disposable cups not someone else’s.

When using polystyrene cups take very good care to remove the cups without putting your hands on the top rims.

If we all do our part how ever small, we will be able to continue playing the game we all love.


Kind regards 

NSBC Committee