BBO Results Thursday 23rd April


We would like to send our appreciation to everyone who has jumped in to support your club in these trying times. The response has been fantastic.

As we bring you games every day except Sunday, all of this comes at a cost. We are not asking anyone who is in financial stress at this time to donate.  This is one of the reasons we are asking for donations so that members who can do, and those that can’t don’t.

There are many costs to make all this NSBC online happen so we encourage all members that can contribute to do so. This way we can continue to bring you BBO for free. Anyone wishing to make a donation use the link below or if you are a Pre-Paid member just contact Mike with your ABF number and the amount to debit from your account. Your support is very much appreciated and allows us to bring into your home the game we all love.

Just a reminder - all Open and Restricted will now be hosted by me - mprescott - and all Rookie and Supervised will be hosted by Sue Crompton - Suzy1430.


Today's Results (also checkout BBO Results in main menu)

Teams Trial




1 Tricia Higgins Susan Holgate 66.41
2 Jeannie (Jean-Yvonne) Egger James Mcdonnell 64.33
3 Eva Skor Peter Skor 60.41





1 Bijan Assaee Alexis Ngan 70.96
2 Peter Messinesi Nick Swan 63.39
3 Liz Fanos George Finikiotis 63.09




Mike and the NSBC Team