GNOT Qualifying Event Final Results

gnot winners

The GNOT qualifying event has been won by the MORRISON Team.
Congratulations to David Weston, Kim Morrison, Bruce Neill and Michael Hughes. They have won direct entry to the National Finals to be held near year's end. In 2021 the Finals will be held in Brisbane.

gnot 2nd

Runners Up - after a close Final match - were the BLOOM Team. Well done Martin Bloom, Tony Nunn, Peter Gill, Liz Adams and Shane Harrison. They will proceed to the Metropolitan Teams Final to be held later this year at the NSWBA.

The rest of the field competed in a Swiss, which was won by the ASHTON Team with the JEFFERY Team coming second. These two teams will also compete in the Metropolitan Finals.

Top places in the Swiss:

Final GNOT Results Vps CC
Winner Nat Finals Kim Morrison, David Weston, Bruce Neill, Michael Hughes 21.77 20
Finalist Metro Martin Bloom, Peter Gill, Tony Nunn, Shane Harrison, Liz Adams 18.23 14
Final GNOT Swiss Results Vps CC
1 Swiss Metro Sophie Ashton, David Wiltshire, David Beauchamp, Sartaj Hans 153.66 10
2 Swiss Metro Peter Jeffery, Yumin Li, Yixiang Zhang, Wayne Zhu 148.37 8
3 Swiss Karen McCallum, Axel Johannsson, Peter Buchen, Avril Zets, Pauline Gumby 145.12 6
4 Swiss Colin Thomas, Marlaine Gahan, Lorraine Schaap (sub), John Mottram, Helen Christie 138.86 2
5 Swiss John Scotford, Wieslaw Przewozniak, Patrick Neary, Witold Chylewski (jun), Jerzy Szyszkowski (sub) 136.31 1

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