2021 Club Mixed teams Brochure and History

2021 Club Mixed Teams Brochure

24 strong teams competed in our Club Mixed Teams championship in April. This was played as a full round robin with all teams playing each other over 23x5 board matches.

Results: http://northshore.bridgeaustralia.org/teamresults.asp?id=10238



NSBC Club Mixed Teams Championship


Overall Results


A huge congratulations goes to Team BEAUCHAMP - DAVID BEAUCHAMP - THERESE TULLY - RICHARD WARD - PELE RANKIN - PAUL HOOYKAAS - team for winning the 2021 NSBC Club Mixed Teams Championship. An awesome result also for Team MUNDELL - RENA KAPLAN - MICHAEL CARTMELL - DAVID FRYDA - GISELLE MUNDELL – for taking second place and Team ZHU - WAYNE ZHU - YUMIN LI - WEI ZHANG - YIXIANG ZHANG – for coming in 3rd overall. Thank you all for playing in this event. Please join us next week for a single sessions swiss pairs and the following weeks for our Club Swiss Pairs Championships.



Session Links, Results and Hand Records

Hand records for each week will be posted on the website here Mixed Teams Championships Player Information immediately after the session completes. Please note the website results contain the bidding and play information (Pianola does not)