Pauline Evans Swiss Pairs 2022

kim david

This congress was held at East Lindfield on Sunday - the first face-to-face Open congress to be held by NSBC since the same congress last year! The event is named in remembrance of Pauline Evans, a long time member of our club and an excellent bridge player and teacher.

The Winners of the cash First Prize and the Pauline Evans Swiss Pairs Trophy were Kim Morrison and David Weston, who also won the inaugural event in 2020.

kim and David


Runners up were Catherine Zhang and Cevat Emul.

kath cevat


Third were Maurits Van Der Vlugt and Dagmar Neumann.

dag and Mau


First in the Intermediate category were Kit Meyers and Fiona Fawcett, who were also first in this category last year.

kit and fiona


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