Bridge Across the Ditch won by Auckland


Some 248 players took part in the first Bridge across the Ditch Challenge, with an IMPS contest between North Shore Bridge Club and Auckland Bridge Club,

There were separate sections for Open category and Rookie-Restricted-Junior category.


rena giselle
Rena  Giselle  Colin  Maeve


In the Open Section:
North Shore won with 203.4 IMPs advantage

Highest placed NSBC pair were Rena Kaplan and Giselle Mundell, who came 1st in the Open.

ditch open

Full Results Open


In the Rookie Restricted Junior Section:
Auckland won with 238.4 IMPS advantage

Highest placed NSBC pair were Maeve Doyle and Colin Spiller, who came 4th in the Rookie-Restricted-Junior

ditch restricted

Full Results Restricted

The Overall Winner of the first Bridge Across the Ditch event:
Auckland with 35 IMPs advantage over North Shore

Well done to Auckland being the better side on the day!