Down Under vs Up Over Results

down vs up

So, how did it go?

Well. it was a spectacular success. Thanks to all of you participating. For some of you it was an ungodly hour to be playing bridge and we really appreciate your going the extra mile to attend. Daylight Savings in both hemispheres made the times to meet up very challenging for this time of year. April-October makes playing times a lot more sensible for our next event. Thanks for all the positive feedback both during and after the event. This, plus seeing all the smiling faces made the extraordinary amount of work behind the scenes putting this all together so worth it.


A few details about the participants who entered


A total of 594 Pairs entered with:


  • 277 - United Kingdom
  • 125 - New Zealand
  • 99 - Australia
  • 61 - Canada
  • 22 - South Africa
  • 7 - Kenya
  • 3 - Ireland


... also 2 people playing from Greece, 1 from Turkey and 1 from Iceland.

The Up Over and Down Under sides were almost perfectly balanced. A few pairs played on the other side to help with a very few no shows (only a couple of pairs out of 594 ... they must have slept in!)


A shoutout to the amazing group of stand-by players


A huge thanks to all the players from all countries that helped as standbys on the day. We needed you and you all stepped in to help at a moment's notice. Simply Wonderful.


The directing team


We had 5 directors (plus a couple of helpers) across both sessions. Shireen Mohandes and Andy Bowles from RealBridge, Sylvester Riddell from New Zealand, Adam Wiseberg from United Kingdom and Gary Barwick from Australia.


Technically Speaking


Very few camera and microphone issues. very few drop outs. The RealBridge platform worked spectacularly!


A few details about the bidding and play


  • 0 Insufficent Bids
  • 0 Lead out of turns
  • 0 Revokes
  • 5 Undos (ok maybe a few more!)
  • Thousands of laughs
  • Millions of smiles


Winners of Session 1

Overall Section A: David Waxman & Keith Joules (England): 69.66%
Overall Section B: Felicity Hannay & Cathy Carrol (New Zealand): 66.51% 
Overall Section C: Joint winners ... both on 67.31%
Margaret Crawford & Christine Burton (New Zealand); Doreen Connor & Kirk Staniforth (England)
Overall Section D: Moira Simpkin & Jim Loydell (England): 67.38%


Winners of Session 2

Overall Section A: Lorna Ichilcik & Judy Osie (Australia) 65.01%
Overall Section B: Cheryl Windsor & Faisal Alam (New Zealand) 69.10%
Overall Section C: Clive Naylor & Stuart Brown (England) 67.31%
Overall Section D: Jody Burchall & Thomas Freeman-Greene (New Zealand) 64.87%

The winning pairs from each section of each session will be contacted by RealBridge and awarded a small prize.


So which side won the challenge?

Factoring the top ten placegetters in each section of each session with 1st place getting the highest weighting and 10th place getting the lowest weighting we get:

Down Under side scoring 1,481
Up Over side scoring 1,293

That makes Down Under the winner. 🏆 Well done you guys.

(very complicated formula, don't ask)


Best scorers by nation

New Zealand:Cheryl Windsor & Faisal Alam: 69.10%
Australia: Jenifer Codognotto & Debbie Jerkovic: 65.69%
Kenya: Michael James & Margareta Gram: 54.61%
South Africa: Andre Van Niekerk & Rose Duff: 65.76%
England: David Waxman & Keith Joules: 69.66%
Scotland: Jane Carnegie & Bill Bald: 66.08%
Ireland: Maura King & Ian Kingston: 48.62%
Wales: Richard James Gwilym Daniels: 58.36%
Isle of Man: Alex Carine & Christopher Wildman: 59.97%
Canada: Judi Egelnick & Marshall Egelnick: 62.43%


You can find the RealBridge Sessions here


Each group represented players of a similar standard with the most experienced in Seection A through to our newest players in Section D.

Session 1: Section A Section B Section C Section D

Session 2: Section A Section B Section C Section D


A sample of the 1,200+ participating players


Some are deep in thought!