Building on the Basics - this week's lesson

Building on the Basics - this week's lesson

The Build on the Basics lessons are Face to Face lessons taught by our experienced teacher Liz Wilkinson on Thursday afternoons at 1:30pm at the Willis.

 liz wilkinson

On 23rd March Liz will teach you tips and tricks in defence of a no trump contract. Typical topics covered would be 

  • Leads - partners bid suit, top of a sequence or 4th highest
  • When does 2nd player play low
  • 3rd hand high after partner's lead
  • Returning partner's led suit.
  • When to play your Ace and when not to

These lessons go over things we have learned but now with some playing experience we are able to understand why this works, which helps us remember and become better bridge players.

Knowing what to do when, makes it more enjoyable, less stressful and enables good partnerships to form.

You will get notes to take away.

Any questions, please contact Fiona on 0407 698 786 or email her at