2023 Pauline Evans Swiss Pairs

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This congress was held at East Lindfield on Sunday. The event is named in remembrance of Pauline Evans, a long time member of our club and an excellent bridge player and teacher.

The Winners of the cash First Prize and the Pauline Evans Swiss Pairs Trophy for 2023 were Helen Lowry and Jeanette Abrams.

 Helen Lowry Jeanette Abrams 1st Pauline Evans 2023
Helen and Jeanette pictured here with Club Manager / Director Mike Prescott


Runners up were Geoff Smith and Gary Lane.

 Geoff Smith Gary Lane 2nd Pauline Evans 2023
Geoff and Gary with Mike


Third were Alan Stoneham and Mitch Dowling.

 Alan stoneham mitch dowling 3rd Pauline Evans 2023
Mitch   Mike and Alan


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