Congresses 2006

2006 Completed Congresses Venue Date Gallery Final Scores Winners
2006 Cove Teams Cove 13/03/06     Martin Bloom, Steven Bock, Catherine Ritter, Sartaj Hans
2006 Willoughby Super Congress          
Mr Solace's Swiss Pairs CW 12/06/06     Les Varadi, Elly Urbach, John Mottram & Frank Budai
Captain Cook Cruises Swiss Pairs CW 13/06/06     North/South Lee and Frank Dreyer
East/West Di Jagelman & Peter Cox
Two Men & A Truck Swiss Teams CW 14/06/06     Neville & Kinga Moses with Marcia & John Scudder
2006 Lindfield Super Congress and Grand Prix Lind Nov/2006   Results  
Grand Prix Main Event Lind 10/11/06      
Grand Prix Qual Lind 10/11/06      
Grand Prix Main Event Stage 2 Lind 10/11/06      
Grand Prix Final Lind 10/11/06     T Nunn - S Hans
Championship Swiss Pairs (N/S) Lind 11/11/06     NS Edward Chadwick & Jeanette Reitzer
Championship Swiss Pairs (E/W) Lind 11/11/06     E//W Peter Ciszak & Mark Kolodziejczyk
Congress Matchpointed Pairs Lind 10/11/06    

N/S Catherine RITTER & Sartaj HANS


Championship Teams Lind 12/11/06     K Dyke - L Lovelock - C Feitelson - A Peake