Melbourne Cup 2018 Pics

cup 1

Margaret Owen and Sunny Pang           1st NS (Open CW)


cup 18

Bruce Daglish and Frances Garrick       1st EW      (Open CW)


cup 2a

Elaine Dignan and Jill Hagley                 1st NS (Open EL)


cup 2

Eva Shand and  Les Varadi                   1st EW      (Open EL)


cup 20

Fiona Russell and Sue Morgan                1st N/S  (Rookie CW)


cup 19

Jackie Choules and Georgie Serventi    1st E/W     (Rookie CW)


cup 16

Women's Hat winner Eve Erickson     CW



mens hat

Men's Hat winner Geoff West     CW




cup 3



cup 4



cup 5



cup 6



cup 7



cup 8



cup 9



cup 11



cup 12



cup 13



cup 14



cup 15



cup 17